CTC, Alice in Wonderland and the Queen of Hearts, let the party begin!

Who let these two in?

While covering an event for the Columbia Tower Club I didn’t expect to find Alice and the Queen to be there. But they sure made the party. A fund raiser Masquerade party for M.S. and I believe two other charities (though I never found out the names) at the Columbia Columbia Tower Club on Friday the Sept 26th.

There were some fantastic masks and saucy garments parading around CTC followed by earnest bidding during the silent auction benefiting the different charities.

Though many beautiful masks were roaming though CTC these two characters (pictured above) caught my attention, not only with their attire but their creative backgrounds. Both designers in their own genres and dancers within the burlesque arts. Both costumes were created by Jamie. Please view Jamies work at www.jamiestratton.com

BTW, they cam up with the pose…I love it!

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